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Five Facts About Today's Hearing Aids

  1. They’re virtually invisible.   Many new hearing aids sit discreetly inside the ear canal.  These are comfortable hearing aids that provide both natural sound quality and are easy to use.
  2. They automatically adjust to all kinds of sounds.  Technological advances with directional microphones have made hearing aids more versatile than ever before working in a broad range of different environments.
  3. They work with smartphones, televisions, and other electronics.  Wireless, digital hearing aids are now available in several different styles.  This means seamless connectivity…directly to your hearing aids. 
  4. They’re always ready.  New rechargeable features on some hearing aids allow you to recharge your hearing aids nightly, so they’re ready in the morning.  No more fussing with small batteries.
  5. You can enjoy watersports and sweat while wearing them.  Waterproof hearing aids are available.  Those who are concerned about water, humidity, and dust now have an excellent alternative.