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Using Your Phone To Control Your Hearing Aids


There have been some amazing advances in digital hearing aid technology over the past several months.  One such advancement allows the hearing aid user to adjust their hearing aids discreetly through an app on their phone.  This allows the user flexibility in changing the sound in a discreet way. 

Once the app is installed, the program will walk you through step-by-step instructions.

It’s very similar to a remote.  You are able to adjust the levels on your hearing aids at any time. 

There are numerous advantages to having this type of app on your phone:

-Very discreet.   Looks like checking for a text

-Patients can easily change volume, bass, treble and hearing programs

-Clearly structured, intuitive screen for simple handling and optimized     usability

-Patients can rename programs according to personal preferences

-No extra hardware is needed

-The app is no cost to the patient